Note: The roadmap is flexible and subject to modification according to requirements and new developments in the crypto market.

Important projects:

At the beginning of our road to the moon, we will focus on creating a community that believes in our project and on marketing events and partnerships, especially, in the first three phases of our roadmap.
First phase
Marketing for Dollarmoon project through partnering with content creators and providing the community with explanations on the project’s values and how to buy and sell Dmoon cryptocurrency.
Second Phase
Building communities in the MENA region, Turkey, France, Russia and China.
Third Phase
Launching our merch, in which 50% of the profits will be allocated to buying back and burning our token, while the other 50% will be allocated to support the treasury.
Fourth, fifth and sixth phase
In these advanced stages of the road, we will work on building and launching major crypto projects. It should also be noted that these phases are flexible and subject to modification according to the crypto market requirements, in correspondence to that, new projects may be added to these phases in the future.
1. Dollarmoon Web3 blockchain security platform:
A platform that provides web3 and blockchain services, including:
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Token creation
  • Full development
  • Vulnerability Management
  • KYC
We will use this platform in building our crypto projects and will be accessible by everyone.
2. Dollarmoon Swap: A platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies.
3. Dmoon fashion brand:
Although some might find this direction a little odd in a technology-focused project, However, based on market data and our research, we have found that having a luxury clothing brand is a very important direction for our project. We aspire for our Dmoon brand to compete with the most respective and well-known brands in this field.
To add the decentralized part to it, discounts will be offered to those who complete their purchases using the Dollarmoon currency.
4. Crypto Wallets: Dollarmoon hot wallet: Our hot wallet will include a very large variation of cryptocurrencies with many special features included. Cold Wallet: Similar to the Ledger Nano, our cold wallet will provide you a place to store your Dmoon and other crypto assets safely.
5. Dollarmoon Exchange:
One of the projects we plan to create is a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform for our DollarMoon project. The main advantage of this platform is the low trading fees, the trading fees for Dmoon stakers will be counted as market makers fees which means much lower fees than others.
6. Dex social media platform:
The Dollar Moon team aspires to create a decentralized, blockchain-based social media platform that supports freedom of speech. This platform will also include options to allow users to advertise using cryptocurrencies.
token address : 0x7D18f3fE6e638faD0AdACC5dB1A47f871a2C2cC4